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Front patio of paradise park. Cocktail lounge sign, disco balls and plants hanging above with all chairs and tables visible.

Vintage Camper

Capacity - 10 Seated / 15 Reception

Hang out in our camper for the true experience as a smaller group looking for a private space! Perfect for intimate birthdays, bachelorette & engagement parties.

Paradise Patio

Capacity - 175 Seated / 225 Reception

You’ll be in the front and center of it all - the patio is the best spot for those who love to be the center of attention. Enjoy access to our yard games, the bar, and all the vibes!

Garden Corner

Capacity - 15 Seated / 20 Reception

Escape into our cozy nook surrounded by the mirrors, greenery and hanging lights. This spot has a front row seat to our beer pong table and all of the excitement on our patio!

Party Cabanas

Capacity - 12 Seated / 15 Reception

Pack your party into our cute and cozy cabanas for daytime drinks or a night time celebration. With cabana locations both upstairs and downstairs, we can guarantee that you’ll have a damn good time!